17 Outstanding Tips on Selling Your House – Don’t Waste a Moment Longer Worrying About That Sale!

If you are struggling to sell your current property, fear no more. Here are a whole host of Tips On Selling Your House:

1) Know your home’s real value. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean that others will. Be prepared to have overvalued your house.

2) Adding a new $50,000 swimming pool or the $40,000 new kitchen will actually only add approximately $10,000 to your property value.

3) Spending $1000 to repave your driveway could add up $5000 in value.

4) The front of the property is just as important as the inside. Potential buyers are more likely to drive off than come inside when greeted with an ugly looking house!

5) You could save tens of thousands of dollars selling your home yourself rather than using a realtor. They will charge anywhere between 5% – 7% to help sell your house.

6) Learn how to advertise. Did you know you can advertise your home on sites such as Craigslist, yahoo classifieds and ebay. These websites receive millions of potential buyers every month.

7) Learn how to close the deal. If you are going it alone, without the aid of a realtor, you will have to how and when to clinch the sale. Once you have agreed a price, contact your attorney immediately to get the wheels in motion.

8) If someone makes an offer that you consider too low, don’t decline it straight away. Make a counter offer. Say you will throw in the washer/dryer as well or whatever comes to mind!

9) When prospective buyers come to visit, make sure they remember you! Cook some fresh cookies and have a treat bag for them to take away. Your treat bag could include sweets, a short report by you about the local area and your contact details.

10) Always make sure your home is well lit when visitors are there. This will make your house appear cleaner, brighter and more homely.

11) Remove personal objects from around the house. You want your buyers to be interested in your home and not the old photos of your Great Aunt Gerty!

12) One of the best tips on selling your house – Be Honest! Fix whatever faults around the property that you can, but always completely disclose any negative points! Your buyers will appreciate your honesty!

13) Try and make friends with your buyer. Find out about them, their family, what they do for a living. Are they selling as well? Finding common ground between the two of you will put you both more at ease. Remember people buy from people they like!

14) Give your potential buyers a breakdown of all your household expenses. mortgage, rates, taxes, utilities, any expense that is associated with your home. Once again, it will be well appreciated and get you noticed.

15) Another of the great tips on selling your house – Sell at the right time. If the housing market is in decline, as it is at the moment, you may not get the price you want. Many people don’t want to move home until the school holidays or until the weather gets warmer!

16) Hold an Open House. We are all naturally nosy creatures, so if you advertise your property for sale and have an open house, you can expect a lot of visitors. Just make sure you spot the real buyers from the freebie hunters!

17) Make sure you clean your house thoroughly. A great tip here is once your done, get a neighbor over to check the house out. We are so used to having our clutter all around the house or we may not be aware of lingering smells. It’s good to get an outsider’s opinion. Just don’t fall out over it!

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